(don't take my word for it...)

My reiki session with Stephanie was so comforting. She gave me detailed instructions prior and when I was preparing to receive healing, I was overcome with emotion. During the process I felt great peace. Discussing the session after was so eye opening and the takeaways have been invaluable in my day to day life.


I just completed the "Grounded in 30 Days" program with Stephanie and loved it! Life gets so hectic and crazy, especially in these quarantine times - it was so nice to have time set aside each week to come back to center, refresh and heal with others who are in similar situations. I definitely learned some new techniques in dealing with anxiety and stress surrounding the covid pandemic, but that can also transfer to everyday life situations too.


I joined Brilliant City's "Grounded in 30 Days" program because of the anxiety I had around the pandemic, as well as to learn more about and understand the things that are out of my control. It was super helpful to get actionable items I could use to maintain peace and calm. Also, during 1-1 Reiki sessions, Stephanie was able to get in touch with my higher powers and relay messages I had been missing. Now I see them in LOTS of places. The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of her explainations after the Reiki is performed is outstanding. So glad to have been introduced to this wonderful world through a very guided spirit in Stephanie.


I am so fortunate to have met Stephanie in divine timing! As a Reiki Master peer, she has helped me clear so much stuck energy that I haven't been able to clear on my own. Stephanie's ability to relate to anyone and everyone is what I admire so much about her work. Her heart is pure, she's energetically connected to the divine while remaining so grounded here on earth. Stephanie's messages come from a place of love and guidance. They are truly special gifts for her clients. Her communication and boundaries are clear and concise. I'm so grateful to have met her through this work.


I have known Stephanie for almost 15 years. 

Every time I feel like a need a mental “tune up” Stephanie has provided a friendly voice and welcoming environment that makes you feel very comfortable. In this environment you’re free to discuss any topic you feel that you need some spiritual growth on or just plain good advice.