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Uncover Your Brilliance

Grounded mentorship and energetic healing through Reiki.

It is often challenging to hear our authentic voice in the noise and clutter of mainstream culture and Corporate America. AND it can be even harder to move forward in CREATING the life you desire when bogged down with the 'politics' and 'programs' embedded  into your being.

I started Brilliant City Reiki to support love-led leaders in accessing their TRUEST selves amidst societal buzz, AND to offer grounded guidance that inspires action. 

Here's the thing...

Yes, balanced spiritual growth is about clearing the stubborn blocks in our energetic field. AND it requires smart and actionable ways to embody new dynamics with consistency.

With 20 years of leadership experience in corporate culture while embracing a consistent spiritual practice, I pride my work on this important balance that delivers true change you can touch and feel AND share with those around you.


I will share a little secret...
The answer is already within YOU!

Amazing, right? 


Our energy is our greatest currency. And when you choose to focus YOUR energy  on shifting your life AND invest in an aligned spiritual mentor for support, the results can be truly epic.  

The wisdom is already within you and Reiki mentorship can help you clear the blocks to access that more clearly.

If you are a committed individual looking to enhance your life in a major way, check out the one-on-one spiritual and Reiki infused coaching offerings below or sign up for our next upcoming program.


Need to dip your toe? We have a new program coming up in July! Group forums are a great way to start!


Are you a bright light in your Brilliant City?

Hi. I am Stephanie and I created Brilliant City ...

I've created a collection of high-vibe resources and 'ah-ha' inducing offerings that utilize the principals of energy healing for the highest good of the participants. It is all focused on untangling the blocks and boundaries that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, because we ALL have a little work to do! 

The practice of Reiki is a way of channeling positive energy into the body. Traditionally Reiki practitioners place their hands on key energy centers of the body. This allows stuck energy to flow offering relief from mental or physical ailments.  I use this same channeling energy in the creation of interactive group forums, 1:1 coaching or more traditional Reiki sessions to allow life changing shifts for the brightest lights in our community.


Brilliant City Reiki Offerings

1:1 Reiki Mentorship

1:1 Reiki Coaching and Mentorship

$330 / mo

  • 1-1 Reiki Healing session via phone

  • Focused goal setting 

  • Weekly email coaching 

  • 3-month commitment for humans truly looking to make a change

  • Message for availability and pricing

 Group Forums and Events

Break out of the old, outdated structures and allow your true self to create the newness needed so desperately in the world.

Inquire for pricing

  • Customized  group forum focused on creating a more centered, balanced, and creative you. Created around relevant energy going on in our collective.

  • Exercises on getting out of old toxic dynamics and habits

  • Support with releasing the brilliance within yourself.

  • Weekly seminars

  • Coaching via forum

  • Customized programs for the workplace created upon request.

Land / Space Clearing and Blessing

Honor your sacred space

Inquire for pricing

  • Blessing new homes, workplaces and spaces

  • Aligning the owners of land to the energy 

1:1 Reiki Healing 

Traditional Reiki healing

$111 / 1hr 

  • 1-hour Reiki session via phone OR in person (Charlotte Only)

  • Aligning your energy through Reiki